Free Online Hair Transplant Consultations

Free Online Hair Transplant Consultation

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Please provide as correct details below. You will receive in the shortest time possible response from specialists, including price and the options proposed for the required intervention.

If you have problems submitting the form, you can send us an email accompanied by some pictures and your details on   e-mail consultatii[at] or   WhatsApp +40726375063.


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Sex *  Male Female
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If you answered 'Yes' to the question above, please give details:

To receive an answer as well informed, it is compulsory to attach 1-5 pictures in a couple of stances below. f the frontline, it is advisable to comb your hair back. If missing front line, draw a line to show up where you want to be drawn in this case the implant. This is necessary to receive an offer as correct. Warning! Make sure the photos are not very large, in which case it could be a problem in submitting the form to us.

Remarks (information that are your expectations, preferred method, etc.):

The transfer of the form on our server can take 1-3 minutes, depending on your connection and the size of attached pictures. Please wait until you receive a message confirming the submission form. If you do encounter problems with transmission, please send us your details along with pictures at consultatii[at]

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  1. cooltool spune:

    really cool tool for hair transplant info. thanks guys!

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